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Vibrant Health Nutritional Program

Boost your metabolism, shut down cravings, and increase energy with real food first.

Group support + 8 Live Classes:
Online, On Zoom, or In-Person

Early Bird Discount

Save $50 

register by May 15th to save $50

Vibrant Health Nutritional Program
This program was put together to inspire you to take control of your health. Show you how God designed your body to work and challenge ideas about a healthy diet.

Show you how to lose weight and eliminate health problems all while eating delicious nutrient-dense food without limiting calories.

Your body is a vessel, its time you take care of it so you can do what God is calling you to do!

Why the Vibrant Health Program is Different?

This program is designed to take someone who is new to the world of natural health, take them through a series of classes and teach them to take control of their dietary choices and their health. We cut through dietary misinformation and reveal what really works. The material in this class is based on the solid nutritional research of Dr. Weston Price, Bernard Jensen and the clinical experience of Becky Mauldin.


We combine lectures with videos and food demonstrations.

It covers the basics of good nutrition, toxins and detox, raw foods, juicing, menu planning, and lifestyle choices, and will teach you how to make continuous healthy decisions and teach you to make your own quick and easy delicious meals for your busy life that the whole family will love.


Group Support

As part of the Vibrant Health Nutritional Program, you get special access to our private online group, moderated by nutrition educators and comprised of fellow participants. This is your space to share ideas, get your questions answered, and find a supportive community 24/7 of people on the same journey as you.

Mother and Son

Experience Life the way

God designed it!

Improve sleep

Jumpstart metabolism

Better digestion

Less heartburn, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea

Fewer aches and pains


Hope for a healthier life

What You'll Receive:​

Brown Minimalist Popup Check Box Your Health and Wellness  Instagram Post (Instagram Story

* Materials are in digital formats and will be sent prior to class via email.

All of this for only $240!

Enrollment is limited!

Sign up today to save your spot!

This class will NOT be offered again this year!

You can take the Vibrant Health Program three ways:

  • Pre-recorded online weekly videos: Keep your schedule flexible and your commitment to your weight loss goals solid with our online classes. Class videos are released once a week for the duration of the 8-week program, you have access 24/7. This is intentionally done to help you make changes week by week and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Remember we’re looking for progress, not perfection!

  • Via secure Zoom weekly classes: 8 weekly classes to attend live via secure Zoom, led by an experienced teacher plus a moderator to be sure you get all your questions answered. We keep the class size small so you receive personalized attention. And don’t worry if you have to miss a class, you will be sent a recorded class as a makeup.

  • In-person: Commitment to your health goals with in-person group support. 8 two-hour classes taught by certified holistic practitioner Rebekah Husack who is, passionate about helping you feel your best


Saturdays from 8:30 am-10:30 am
Begins on June 4th and ends on July 30th. 

We will take off Saturday, July 2nd, and resume the following week.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Does It Cost: What Will I Receive?

  • 8 two-hour classes taught by certified nutrition educators, passionate about helping you feel your best with Q&A after every class.

  • 30 Day Advanced Nutritional Fat-burning Blueprint Plan, shopping lists, 40+ whole food recipes, snacks and more.

  • Food journal, Workbook & Progress Tracker

  • Access to the private online group, so you fill supported through the entire process with like-minded people going through the same journey as you.

  • Direct messaging access to nutritional educators through the duration of the program so you will feel supported and have all your questions answered. 

  • 4 pre-recorded cooking classes/demonstrations 

  • 4 documentaries to show you where your food is coming from and what you're actually eating when you go through that drive-through! We've made these available to watch with your friends and family. Because we believe sharing is caring and family/community support is important

All of this for only $240 plus a non-refundable registration fee of $23

What Happens If I Miss A Class?

Not sure you can get to all the classes in 8 weeks? We know that life gets busy and things get in the way of keeping the schedule you planned.

If you can’t make a class, we can email you access to a pre-recorded video of that class, so you won’t miss out.


Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, we do offer a payment plan. Its $87 down and $87 every 2 weeks until paid in full. You will be given this option when you enroll. Just select the payment plan option.​

Call me if you direct if you have any questions about this 214-817-2991.


View Class Topics At A Glance:

Week 1: Optimal Health: Our Genetic Potential, How God Created US

Week 2: No More Calorie Counting: Identify Toxic ingredients that are causing your weight gain and health problems

Week 3: Reclaim Your Health: What you Should Be Eating

Week 4: Menu Planning

Week 5: Reduce your toxic load: Raw foods, Juicing, and Smoothies

Week 6: Step by Step: Live Cooking Class

Week 7: Life Style: Eliminate recurring symptoms and address the underlying cause.

Week 8: Celebration Potluck: Putting your new skills to use


This Class 


Until Next Year

Enrollment is limited!

Sign up today to save your spot!

"I debated on signing up for Vibrant Health Nutritional Program. I had success in the past with Weight Watchers but I'm so glad I went through with it. I know this will be a lifelong journey and it will not be easy at times. But I have seen so many positive changes that I am committed to eating healthy. I keep correcting my husband that the new way I eat now is not a diet but a new way of eating."

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