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All About Us

Family Owned and operated.

Serving the Duncanville and Desoto communities for over 30 years. Our store has roots and so does our staff.

Our commitment to health goes deeper than products on a shelf. We believe in healthy lifestyles and our goal is to empower our community through knowledge. We draw our strength from fellowship and the relationships developed through the years.


We are proud to keep a legacy going that original owners paved before us. These stores were in fact the first health food stores in the south Dallas area. Even with the fluctuation of nutritional vitamin shops around us, we are still the go-to place for education and nutrition. We are proud to continue the tradition and to be serving in an industry that provides hope and alternative options to a failed medical system that leaves many without hope and options...

Complete Health is our goal at Today's Health & Nutrition; we take a preventative approach to your health, we work with your individual needs to find healthy solutions to help improve or maintain your overall well-being.
Our educated and professional staff is committed to helping you be your best. We have certified health coaches and holistic practitioners to consult with you about your health and nutrition-related questions.


Stop in today, we'd love to meet you!

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Mission Statement

We are a company grounded in our faith.
Continually engaging in connection and awareness of our community needs.
Delivering excellence and dependability.

We are the light on the hill.
Offering HOPE through HEALTH.
Mind * Body * Spirit

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Our Beliefs

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Kids in Church
Position Statement

We have a Judeo Christian world view

We believe everyone is created equally 

We believe in the Nuclear Family

We believe life begins at conception

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Our Story: Join the Team
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