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What if your circulation could be energized in as little as 15 minutes a day with no special training or hard work?

It can with our Vibration Therapy, your body will go to work for you!
Whole body shaker Lymphatic: Welcome

Vibration circulation benefits is no secret

Conditions that may be helped by the Whole Body Vibration Therapy

  • Circulation & Lymphatic System

  • Diabetic Neuropathy 

  • Strength & Performance

  • Energy & Endurance

  • Balance & Coordination

  • Flexibility & Agility

  • Metabolism

  • Testosterone & Estrogen

  • Bone Density

  • Overall Health & Wellbeing

Whole Body Vibration Therapy Reduces:

  • Back Pain

  • Stress

  • Fatigue

  • Cortisol

  • Arthritis

  • Joint Pain

  • Fat

  • Osteoporosis

  • Cellulite

Recommended For


Stimulate and strengthen their muscles without overloading joints. Great for recovery and rehabilitation.

Those with osteoporosis

Has a positive effect on bone mineral density. Vibration cause compression and remodeling of the bone tissue Mechanostat activating the osteoblast (bone building cells), while reducing the activity of the osteoclast (cells that break down bone).

The Elderly

No additional weights are necessary, which ensures that there is very little loading to  bones, ligaments and joints. 

Special Populations

 These individuals may not be able to perform more traditional strength training exercises with ease, but receive benefits using a vibration plate.

What is Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration is a scientifically formulated exercise machine that produces high frequency vibration to the whole body. 

The Vibration results in rapid intense muscle contractions 30-50 times per second

Why is WBV Training so Effective?

WBV is a superior way to build muscle. This is due to the fact over 98% of your muscle fibers are exposed to the rapid oscillating vibrational movement of the platform. Even your cells are exercising! Compare to normal exercise which only activates up to 50-70%  of these muscles. The end result is that you are burning far more calories than you could during a conventional workout regimen.


Running my own business takes a lot out of me. The last thing I want after a log day is to hit the treadmill for an hour. Just  15 minutes on the evening whole body shaker and I feel great! More flexible, less muscle aches, stress free and my stomach has never been flatter.

After only 12 sessions I have lost 5ib in weight. More Importantly, I have a better quality of life because of the decrease in my chronic sciatica condition that I have had for years.

After using the machine for about 7 months now I can say is that I have noticed significant improvements in my circulation and immune system. Despite the cold and flu season which I normally get annually, I certainly feel more energetic. I would definitely recommend using this machine. Just 10-15 minutes a day can change your life.

I'm 60 years old and my hips hurt . My hips quite hurting almost instantly I'm in much better shape and I don't hurt any where.  At my yearly physical the bone density test showed more bone growth than the physician could account for with the medications I was taking. The only new event in my life was using the whole body shaker."

Doroth McCallen

Jesse P.

David Charles

Bearles A.

Feeling Good Is What Everyone Wants


It's harder to enjoy life if you don’t feel good.

We believe that feeling good is what  everyone deserves, at any age, and that getting there should be easy.

Simply sit, stand, or exercise on the relaxing vibration foundation and your body will make feeling better a new experience as your circulation goes to work for you!

Circulation Is The Feel Good Common Denominator.

Everyone who feels good has one thing in common. An energized circulation of blood flow. Feeling good is what the body will do for us when the bloodstream is energized and moving as well as possible.

What stands in the way of an energized circulation could be a condition of sitting around a lot, a few extra pounds, working too much, an injury or circulatory disorder. .

Family Soccer
Friends Taking Selfie

Our Advanced Vibration System is the solution your circulation is looking for No Matter Your Age Or Physical Limitations !

Getting your circulation energized and stimulated requires movement and vibration.  

The hard way is jumping, running, lifting, or other physical demands.

The easy way is to use technology to vibrate your body easily, safely and quickly to put the body’s powerful abilities to work for you. 

No more spending countless hours
at the gym or doctors office 

take your fitness, physical therapy, rehabilitation, sports, beauty and wellness to the next level.

Just 15 minutes a day 3x a week

you will begin to see the results you are looking for

Whole body shaker Lymphatic: About
Scientist on Computer

The Science behind vibration exercise

The science behind vibration exercise equipment was developed for the Russian space program in 1960s because the cosmonauts needed to exercise while in zero gravity space. No gravity means there is no resistance to workout muscles, and with months in space, could result in muscle deterioration and loss in bone density. To combat this, the Russians came up with a vibration exercise.


30 universities worldwide and 100’s of doctors and chiropractors have conducted various research, all of which points to the proven health benefits of whole body vibration machines.

Are you ready to feel good?

Enroll in our monthly program and get started feeling better today!


Single Sessions

$10 for 15 minutes

Monthly Packages

6 Sessions $50

12 Sessions $75

Unlimited $100

Walk-ins welcome
Located at our Duncanville location only

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